At Austin Spine, our doctors and physician assistants specialize in providing the highest quality of spine care possible. We treat neck, low back, arm and leg symptoms as well as scoliosis with the least invasive yet most effective treatments possible. We look forward to serving as your partner in your patient's care. To refer a patient, please use our online referral management system, Leading Reach.

If you have any questions about the referral process, please call us at (512) 347-7463.

When to refer patients for specialized spinal care

Do you suspect your patients with back or neck pain may have a serious undiagnosed condition of the spine beyond your area of expertise and may require surgery? Patients initially seek help due to extreme spinal pain. Arm, leg, neck or back pain that is associated with the spinal pain sometimes makes the condition worse. Most patients describe symptoms of numbness, weakness or tingling with pain in any of the four areas shown or radiating pain down the back or legs.

Always refer to fellowship trained and board-certified spine specialists

Regardless of whether you refer to an orthopaedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon, you should always recommend a fellowship trained and board-certified specialist who has additional training and a high level of expertise in their sub-specialty.